Friday, August 26, 2011

Recipe for rice wrap salad rolls


This blog today is written on a lighter side. I recently finished a youtube video regarding my recipe for salad rolls. I find salad rolls are great for any occasion they are:

1) easy to prepare
2) can be taken anywhere
3) they are gluten free

As some of you know, gluten free products are sometimes hard to come by, and are also very pricey. Rice wraps are very inexpensive, $2 usually will get you 100 wraps.

Below is my video for the rice wraps and dipping sauce which is made from applecider vinegar which is also another very healthy component (view the video to see why).

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Benefits of Exercise During Chemotherapy

Exercise during chemotherapy has shown benefits. There was an article from the British Medical Journal in 2009 that showed exercise helped improve fatigue and emotional well being. Although before doing any exercise please consult your physician.
The following is a study that was published in the British Medical Journal in the fall of 2009.
Published 13 October 2009, doi:10.1136/bmj.b3410
Cite this as: BMJ 2009;339:b3410
British Medical Journal
Effect of a multimodal high intensity exercise intervention in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy: randomised controlled trial
Objective: To assess the effect of a multimodal group exercise intervention, as an adjunct to conventional care, on fatigue, physical capacity, general wellbeing, physical activity, and quality of life in patients with cancer who were undergoing adjuvant chemotherapy or treatment for advanced disease.
Design Randomised controlled trial.
Setting Two university hospitals in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Participants 269 patients with cancer; 73 men, 196 women, mean age 47 years (range 20-65) representing 21 diagnoses. Main exclusion criteria were brain or bone metastases. 235 patients completed follow-up.
Intervention: Supervised exercise comprising high intensity cardiovascular and resistance training, relaxation and body awareness training, massage, nine hours weekly for six weeks in addition to conventional care, compared with conventional care.
Main outcome measures European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer Quality of Life Questionnaire (EORTC QLQ-C30), Medical Outcomes Study Short Form (MOS SF-36), Leisure Time Physical Activity Questionnaire, muscular strength (one repetition maximum), maximum oxygen consumption (Vo2max).
Statistical Methods: The general linear model was used for continuous outcome while analysis of associates between categorical outcomes was performed as analysis of marginal homogeneity in contingency tables.
Results:  Adjusted for baseline score, disease, and demographic covariates, the intervention group showed an estimated improvement at six weeks for the primary outcome, fatigue, of –6.6 points (95% confidence interval –12.3 to –0.9, P=0.02; effect size=0.33, 0.04 to 0.61). Significant effects were seen on vitality (effect size 0.55, 95% CI 0.27 to 0.82), physical functioning (0.37, 0.09 to 0.65), role physical (0.37, 0.10 to 0.64), role emotional (0.32, 0.05 to 0.59), and mental health (0.28, 0.02 to 0.56) scores. Improvement was noted in physical capacity: estimated mean difference between groups for maximum oxygen consumption was 0.16 l/min (95% CI 0.1 to 0.2, P<0.0001) and for muscular strength (leg press) was 29.7 kg (23.4 to 34.9, P<0.0001). No significant effect was seen on global health status/quality of life.
Conclusion: A supervised multimodal exercise intervention including high and low intensity components was feasible and could safely be used in patients with various cancers who were receiving adjuvant chemotherapy or treatment for advanced disease. The intervention reduced fatigue and improved vitality, aerobic capacity, muscular strength, and physical and functional activity, and emotional wellbeing, but not quality of life.

It is important to note that there was no change in quality of life, but it helped mitigate some of the side effects of chemotherapy. IV vitamin C and ozone therapy has shown to help improve quality of life. REMEMBER to consult your physician before doing any of the above mentioned procedures.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Parenteral Therapy (IV Therapy)

What is Parenteral therapy?
Parenteral therapy can be defined as substances that are given directly and absorbed into the circulatory system, by-passing the “enteric system” or gastro-intestinal tract and liver, thereby increasing the absorption of the substances.
The Parenteral therapy can be delivered Intravenously, intramuscular or subcutaneously. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and homeopathics are easily, safely and effectively delivered to the body.

Why  Parenteral Therapy?
Parenteral therapy is a way for individuals with compromised intestinal absorption or digestive issues (Cancer, Crohn's disease, Irritated Bowl Syndrome, ulcerative colitis, etc.); to have 100% absorption of the nutrients delivered over the conventional oral administration.
As well Parenteral therapy enables rapid delivery of higher concentrations of medicines that may otherwise not be possible by oral means. 

Who Can Benefit from Parenteral Therapy?
Parenteral therapy benefit a variety of conditions. Severe acute and chronic infectious diseases (Mononucleosis, Influenza, and Herpes), autoimmune conditions (rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, and Psoriasis), Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, acute and chronic gastrointestinal illnesses and cancer are among the most common conditions treated by parenteral therapy. Patients suffering from anxiety, depression, neurological conditions, chronic stress and general poor vitamin-mineral status can also benefit greatly.
Individuals who are interested in “anti-aging” or simply preventative medicine, parenteral therapies offer delivery of high concentrations of potent anti-oxidants to combat oxidative stress which is a marker of premature aging, degenerative diseases and pre-cancerous states.

What Substances are Administered?
The type of Parenteral Therapy will vary depending on the condition and the purpose of the treatment. Naturopathic treatment is individualized according to the patient and the treatment goals. Various vitamins, minerals, and homeopathics can be safely administered parenteraly to enhance the therapeutic response.

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ozone Therapy

What is Ozone?
It is a chemical compound composed of 3 oxygen atoms. It is naturally occurring at high altitudes or near the sea. It forms the protective layer around the planet. Life would not be able to exist without ozone. Ozone is also created by lightning, giving air that fresh smell after rainfall.

History of Ozone therapy?
The history of Ozone use dates back to 1840, from German chemist Christian Friedrich Schonbein. It did not get popular until Dr. Otto Warburg (who is the only person awarded two Nobel Prizes for Medicine) of the Kaiser Institute, announced that the cause of cancer is lack of oxygen at a cellular level. From there the research in Cancer with ozone has been well documented. 

Properties of Ozone?
Ozone is germicidal, bactericide, fungicidal, and viricide. It will destroy 99.9992% of all pathogenic germs and can destroy all pollutants in the water. This includes pesticides, herbicides, and inorganic compounds such as Bisphenol A, plastics, dioxins, and more which have been linked with breast cancer.

Medical uses of Ozone?
Uses of Ozone cardiovascular disease, Cancer, Lyme disease, gangrene, Fistulas, Raynaud’s disease, vascular cluster migraines/headaches, diabetes Type 2, chronic pain, Alzheimer’s disease, influenza, herpes, candida, HIV, infections, wounds that won’t close, as well as many more.

Ozone for prevention?
Ozone is useful for prevention as well increasing longevity, enhancing performance, rejuvenating, and stimulating immunity.

How does Ozone work?
Ozone has properties to kill pathogens, some of which can cause cancer, Rheumatoid arthritis and even schizophrenia (for more information contact me). As well, it provides the body with more oxygenation, which activates more energy production in the cells.

Is it safe to use with other medications?
Yes, it is safe to use with other therapies and can have a synergistic effect. It can also be used with Chelation therapy to have optimal benefits, as well as other cancer therapies.

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Chelation Therapy

Chelation Therapy (Atherosclerosis)

Two-time Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Linus Pauling had this to say about Chelation:
"Chelation therapy is far safer and much less expensive than surgical treatment of atherosclerosis. Chelation therapy might eliminate the need for bypass surgery and is equally valid when used as a preventative treatment".      
                Chelation therapy (pronounced Key-Lay-Shun) is derived from the Greek word chele meaning claw of a crab. It refers to how, in a pincer like fashion, a chelating agent grabs onto an electrically charged mineral ion such as lead, copper, iron or calcium. EDTA is a chelating agent that was developed in Germany in the 1930's and was at first used for treatment of lead poisoning and in the 1950's already Doctors observed that other medical problems such as Arthritis or Atherosclerosis also improved.

Quote from the book: 'The Chelation Way' by Dr. Morton Walker
Even with our medical establishment's non-recognition of Chelation's best effect, the treatment's most important application is for preventing or reversing heart and artery pathology derived from diminished blood circulation. The chelating agent, called EDTA, removes toxic metals, improves circulation, enhances the immune system and inhibits the creation of "free radicals". Free Radicals are now believed by many scientists to be an important contributing cause of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), cancer, diabetes, alzheimer's and other diseases of aging.

Other Benefits of Chelation
Quoted from the book 'Forty Something Forever' by: Arlene Brecher

    * Reduction of liver-produced cholesterol
    * Lowered insulin requirements in diabetics
    * Lowered blood cholesterol levels
    * Reduced high blood pressure
    * Normalization of cardiac arrhythmias
    * Relief from leg muscle cramps
    * Reduction in allergic symptoms
    * Normalized weight
    * Improved psychological and emotional status
    * Enhanced sensory input: better sight, hearing, taste
    * Fewer excessive heart contractions
    * Lessened varicose vein pigmentation
    * Lightened age spots
    * Fewer aches and pains, arthritic and otherwise
    * Less reliance on pain medication
    * Hair loss stopped and reversed
    * Reversal of impotence
    * Alzheimer's Disease symptoms reversed
    * Reduced need for duiretics
    * Cold extremities warmed
    * Chronic Fatigue Syndrome overcome
    * Memory, and mental concentration improved
    * Post-cataract surgery vision loss restored
    * Cosmetic changes, including more lustrous hair, added eye sparkle, stronger unsplit nails, better skin color, fewer visible wrinkles and a more youthful appearance.

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